Towne Crier In-Person Incidental Music! (Performing with Bruce Jay Milner and followed by Robert Tellefsen

The Towne Crier Café, 379 Main Street, Beacon, New York

Live and in-person! That's right! It doesn't happen very often these days. There'll be yummy food and wonderful music! Give yourself the gift of an evening out in a SAFE space.

Two sets: Bruce & Marji from 7 to 8 and Robert Tellefsen from 8 to 9.

So, grab your mask and your favorite person(s) and come to the Towne Crier on Saturday, February 6. You'll be glad you did!

Reservations are strongly recommended: 845-855-1300 Also, call 'em if you have any questions about staying safe there (see below). Speaking of which, the Towne Crier is deeply committed to its diners' and performers' safety (and their own). To that end, here are the guidelines being observed to keep everyone safe and to keep music alive (thank you, Towne Crier!!):


Dear Friends,

It’s been great seeing many of you in recent weeks as we’ve reopened. We’ve had some fabulous music to enhance your dining experience.

In order for us to continue presenting live music, please follow these guidelines:

• Face masks are required for all guests and staff. A guest who arrives without a mask will be supplied with one.

• The only time a guest may remove their face mask is when seated at their table.

• We can seat up to 10 people at a table, but they have to arrive at the same time. If they arrive separately, we can’t group them together at the same table. Advance reservations are recommended.

• Guests must remain seated except for necessary reasons, such as using the restroom. Please do not get up and socialize with guests at other tables.

• Maintain physical distancing whenever possible.

If a guest refuses to comply with these guidelines, they will be asked to leave.

We hope you understand that this is a matter of public safety

• we’ve seen what has happened in other states where safety has not been taken seriously – as well as the survival of the Towne Crier. The state is enforcing a “three strikes, you’re closed” rule. In our 48 years of operating the Towne Crier, we’ve never been issued even one violation; we’re proud of that record and want to keep it that way!

We all want to have a good time, but we need to be safe while doing so. Thanks to everyone who has been cooperating with the guidelines. You are helping to keep the COVID infection rate down. As the Governor keeps saying: “It’s up to us, New York”!

Looking forward to seeing you very soon.

Peace on Earth, Phil and everyone here at the Towne Crier