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Marji Zintz, vocalist & guitarist

Marji puts an indelibly personal stamp on songs from such diverse writers as Aimee Mann, Mark Knopfler, and George Gershwin...and accompanies her voice with sophisticated and skillful guitar work.”

— The Folk Project

I'd like to send you a link to download a free song! Where can I send it?

I'll add you to my email list and you'll get that song plus news and information about where I'm playing and other stuff! ♥

Upcoming Shows...

A Monday Livestream Show on Facebook & YouTube

Mondays with Marji resumes!

Get your requests in, if there's something you'd like to hear! Send me an email at marjimusic@gmail.com

And, if you are moved to donate, your donations are gratefully accepted via Venmo (@MarjiZintz) or PayPal.me/MarjiZintz But, your presence is the greatest gift of all!!!

Click this link to watch it on YouTube: https://youtu.be/C-gVNOngNbU