Learn About Hosting a Concert in Your Home

House Concert Hosts' Guide! Download this guide to learn all you need to know about hosting an enjoyable, fun, easy, memorable house concert in your own home -- at little or NO cost to you. The file size is 1.97 MB

Live Performance Videos

Live performance of Mark Knopfler's Romeo & Juliet, performed at Café Mezzaluna, Saugerties, New York

Live performance of E.C. Lorick's Fire in Winter, Coyote Ridge House Concert, 2011

Live performance of Tom Waits' Broken Bicycles, Coyote Ridge House Concert, 2012

Live Performance of Heart of the Matter (composed by D. Henley, M. Campbell & J.D. Souther) @ Taste Budd's, Red Hook, NY 2019

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